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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turtle visits hopefully bode well for the protection of Hondoq

Published on on Monday 15th November, 2010by Leo Attard.

I would like to congratulate Paul Buttigieg of SOS Hondoq for his presentation of the plight of Hondoq on ‘Bla Agenda’ (Nov. 13). The video footage presented says it all by showing the bay’s popularity, belying the developers’ statements to the contrary. Why did they lie at the meeting? Obvious – to make it look like they were not going to endanger a bay which is so well loved, to justify the proposed construction project that will include a yacht marina!

In early October, I was amazed to see divers playfully swimming with a turtle. I regretted being unable to go and join the fun. But seeing the turtle’s head surface for air now and then was a thrill in itself. I had heard of two other turtle sightings in the Hondoq area since April, but this was my first personal experience. And I knew in my heart and soul that this is what Hondoq was meant to be – man and sea interacting without one harming the other! And I also knew in my heart that if the yacht marina were present then no one, on shore or in the sea, would have enjoyed this sublime – there is no other word – experience as it occurred in the area of the projected marina!

In some cultures, turtles are seen as symbols of good luck. Then these turtle visits bode well for those who want to protect Hondoq from the wolf! What an experience, seeing man and turtle interact – sure beats seeing a lone amberjeck at Portomaso, eh Mr Bencini?

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