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Friday, October 04, 2013


Published on the Malta Independent on 1st September 2013 by Jane Carr. 
In June 2007, Mepa’s Natural Heritage Panel recommended refusal of the Qala Creek Project consisting of residential village and marina.
In May 2011, Mepa’s Environment Protection Directorate recommended refusal of the Qala Creek Project.
In August 2011, Transport Malta recommended refusal of the Qala Creek Project.
In February 2013, Joseph Muscat stated that he was against any yacht marina and hotel project at Hondoq.
In May 2013, Mepa’s Environment Tribunal rejected the appeal by the Qala Creek developers to have their modified plans considered (whereby a swimming lagoon was to replace the marina), unless it was submitted as a new application with a new EIA.
In July 2013, Gozo Minister Anton Refalo said that proposals for a yacht marina at Hondoq would not be considered due to the environmental impact.
So, why is there still no final decision from Mepa refusing a permit for the Qala Creek Project?