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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Marina is not what Marsascala needs

Published on The Times of Malta on Friday 30th November, 2007 by George Mizzi.

I refer to the letters by Anthony Galea (Vision for Marsascala, November 19) and Joseph Dimech (What Marsascala Needs, November 23), both of whom are strongly in favour of a yacht marina in Marsascala.

First of all, I am baffled by the logic of backing a project that did not go down well when proposed to residents of other localities. Witness the opposition to yacht marinas proposed for Hondoq ir-Rummien and Xemxija Bay.

Before we irreversibly transform our idyllic village, do we realise what problems a yacht marina would bring to our hometown? Given that Marsascala is exposed to strong easterly winds and seas, a yacht marina will, in all probability, necessitate the construction of a breakwater. This lovely corner of the island will thus be reduced to a stagnant lake. Lack of currents from the open sea, together with the pollution from the yachts, the occasional drainage overflow and, to top it all, a possible petrol station, will certainly spell the end of the local marine ecology and render the sea filthy and, most likely, smelly. Hardly a tourist attraction!

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